Writing/Editing Training for Organizations

Helping companies and organizations achieve editorial excellence

The Art of Copyediting is happy to announce what can probably be the biggest boost to writing and editing professions in India.

We have—at last!—a viable, world-class training model that can work wonders in Indian academia and industries alike.

Here is a call to reviving the editorial talent in India—a call to all private and national companies and organizations in India that deal with writing and editing in any way!

Welcome to a proposal that not only relieves you of all the headache connected with training your writers/editors, but also ensures that they are first provided world-class training to handle their tasks independently and then guided step by step to become certified professionals one day!

If you'd like to use the concepts explained below for the betterment of your organization/company, please get in touch with me at [email protected] or call me at +91-98848 96069.

Single buyer

Make a single payment and send personal email IDs of individuals to be given access to a course (e.g., Essentials of Written English)

Multiple end users

Individuals will be given access to the course for a specified period per The Art of Copyediting norms

Assured training

Rest assured that your editors are always given world-class training to do their tasks well


  • Training provided as video lessons, accessible by individuals at their homes, using unique user names and passwords
  • World-class training in writing/editing—possibly the best you can get in India
  • Employees learn from the convenience of their homes
  • Replay lessons any number of times till the concepts become clear
  • Interact with other participants as well as the instructor via comments on each video; email support also available

Application of principles learned

  • Test understanding of principles learned by trying to apply them on manuscripts daily
  • Discuss principles learned from course videos with employees taking the same course—and while trying to apply them on live manuscripts
  • Gain a first-hand experience of learning on the job
  • Discuss with supervisor anything that needs clarification

Advantages to the organization

  • Having me as the trainer without having to employ me
  • Access to the best training possible, as it is the same training I offer to the West
  • No need to develop a new training program for copyediting (The Art of Copyediting training courses have been tested in live production for over a decade)
  • No loss of production hours in the office
  • Motivates employees to spend some time outside office hours on their self-development (3–4 hrs/week), which will ultimately contribute to better output in the office
  • New recruits can now be routinely put through a training—irrespective of whether they join singly or as a batch
  • Possibility of providing different training (different courses) to different people at the same time, depending on their capabilities

Lower and spread-out costs of training—and a viable method at last!

  • Pay lower costs—in comparison with having physical classes—because of the digital delivery
  • Take courses per your requirements and at intervals (not necessary to take an entire set and pay a huge amount at one go)
  • Pay reasonable prices for training your employees—and do it efficiently within your company's budget
  • Make use of this viable method, which is so crucial for a profession with a long learning curve

Other possibilities (see also FAQs)

  • Group Q&A via Zoom meetings on week days while your employees are undergoing a course
  • Group mentoring via Zoom meetings on week days during and after a batch has completed a course
  • Live mentoring of individuals via Zoom meetings on week days during and after a batch has completed a course
  • Live mentoring of individuals in organization premises during and after a batch has completed a course
  • Higher levels of training to your editors to make them stand up to international standards


Combinations of training and mentoring offered

Frequently Asked Questions

These are specific to single buyer/multiple user offers to companies and organizations. For other general questions, please refer to the many FAQs already detailed on The Art of Copyediting website.

About 25 courses will be offered by The Art of Copyediting over time. Please see https://theartofcopyediting.com/ for details. Although this website currently serves as the global website (and payments are accepted only in dollars), an Indian version of the website (with a .in extension, accepting payment in rupees) is being built and will be launched shortly.

Right now, two courses, namely Essentials of Written English and Principles of Article Use are readily available. These are the first courses on language, and can therefore be taken up by any (content) writer, copyeditor, or language editor working in a company.

Editorial mark up of text will be released by March end.

Courses on references and hyphenation will be released in April.

Other courses will be released in successive months (about 1 or 2 every month).

Course access times offered to employees working in companies is based on the need for learning within a specified time frame and for all of them (in a batch) to learn and evolve together.

The complete duration of the videos of a course may be anywhere between 6 and 25 hours, and course completion may take between 1 and 10 weeks. Course access times will vary, but will always be a little beyond this period—between 3 weeks and 3 months, depending on the average time required for completion of a course.

Team leaders or managers of an editorial team will benefit by taking this course because they will then also know how much of these principles their team mates are applying on live work (while reviewing their work upfront or while reviewing client feedback). Overall, these courses will help them to assess with confidence the skills and talents of people working under them.

Let us take Essentials of Written English as an example. The price of this course for one individual is ₹12,850. The following will be the batch discounts offered to companies:

  • 5–9 copyeditors: 10% discount on the total amount (e.g., ₹57,825 for 5 employees)
  • 10–15 copyeditors: 15% discount on the total amount (e.g., ₹1,09,225 for 10 employees)

For a larger batch, please write to me at [email protected] and we can work out something mutually beneficial.

Batch pricing of other courses will follow a similar discount pattern.

Organizations requiring a group of courses for a specific number of employees may also write to me at [email protected] and we can work out something mutually beneficial.

Charges for group Q&A or group mentoring via Zoom meetings will be ₹5,000 per hour.

Charges for individual mentoring via Zoom meetings will be ₹3,300 per hour.

Charges for onsite mentoring within Chennai will be ₹25,000 per day (7–7½ hrs).

Onsite mentoring outside Chennai (anywhere in India) is also possible.

Please write to me at [email protected], specifying the total hours or days of mentoring required, and we can work out something beneficial. 


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