Copyediting Training for Resident Indians

The Art of Copyediting courses with payments in Indian rupees

This is equivalent to the Indian version of The Art of Copyediting global website ( You will find here the courses that are readily available for resident Indians. The prices for the Indian market are subsidized and you can make the payment in Indian rupees.

The Art of Copyediting courses are detailed training courses that will require your attention for the time duration specified for each course. You will also have access to each course beyond its normal course schedule. This is to help you refresh and practice what you learned and thus gain maximum benefit from your chosen course.

The Art of Copyediting courses are made available to you because of the instructor's passion for the field of copyediting. This field of work requires detailed training as well as steady effort on your part. If you faithfully put into practice whatever you learn in any of The Art of Copyediting courses, you will gain a lot more in the long-term than whatever you may pay for a course.

It will take about 3–4 years for you to gain a grip and attain some mastery in the field of copyediting. When your editorial output can stand up to international standards, what you earn working for international clients will far outweigh what you pay for all the 25 Art of Copyediting courses put together.

You can bookmark this page and come here often. Courses will be added almost every month.

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