Outline Summary of the Courses
Offered by The Art of Copyediting


Obtain an MC (Master of Copyediting) Certification from The Art of Copyediting

Here's high-level summary of all the courses offered by The Art of Copyediting. This overview has been provided to give you an idea of the level, the standard, and the vision from which The Art of Copyediting offers its courses. Every course offered by The Art of Copyediting comes with a guarantee of satisfaction—you will be so overwhelmed by what you receive for what you pay!

For convenience this slide deck is divided into 6 sections:

  • Basic Copyediting, which covers the formatting aspects of copyediting. There are 6 courses in this section, 4 of which are available as self-paced video courses.
  • Language (Line) Editing, which has 19 courses that take you from the basic level to the highest levels possible.
    • Essentials of Written English, which is the first of these courses, is also the longest of all the AOC courses, as it lays the base for all the 18 courses that follow it.
    • Of the 19 courses, 3 are now available as self-paced video courses, and the other courses will be released one by one over time.
  • Consolidation of Principles learned, which, as the name indicates, involves a practical and methodological consolidation of all the principles learned (formatting and light editing aspects combined).
  • Mastering the Editorial Platform, which covers almost everything related to Microsoft Word. Of the  3 courses in this section, 1 is available as a free webinar replay, and 2 others are in the making.
  • Book Editing has 2 courses and covers almost everything you must know about book editing.
  • Bonus Add-ons That Come With the AOC Membership Subscription (Community Learning) is a highly condensed listing of the benefits one may get along with an AOC membership subscription, which aims at steady and sustained learning over time 

Go these through carefully and grasp the vision of the AOC course creator.

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I want to know what courses are available now

Basic Formatting Aspects of Copyediting

Language (line) editing

Consolidation of Principles Learned

Mastering the Editorial Platform

Book Editing

Bonus Add-ons With AOC Community Learning

I want to know what courses are available now