Data Consolidation Using Microsoft Excel: Some Case-Study Demonstrations

Excel Tidbits from The Art of Copyediting

Here's the replay of an Art of Copyediting webinar titled Data Consolidation Using Microsoft Excel: Some Case-Study Demonstrations held on March 7, 2021, as part of the ICF (Indian Copyeditors Forum) webinar series. For your convenience, the webinar recording has been broken down into smaller parts.

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Webinar intro and some general features of Excel

Jot down these features and learn them over time


Consolidation of departmental data

A solid list of things that can be tracked in any department producing anything


Building a tracking sheet using some of the features in Excel

Samples that show how some of these features can be used in a live scenario


Consolidation of week-by-week and month-on-month data of individuals

It is this protracted tracking and sharing of results (together with practical follow-up) that can help to hold a department together as a family


Some help on learning excel, excel on steroids, windup

Practical help over time


Participant responses

Some live comments received at the end of the webinar

"Thank you, Venkataraman! You are an amazing teacher. I look forward to receiving the resources. I’m sure your team is very lucky and well looked after :-)"

Sara Kitaoji

"Thank you, Venkataraman, for sharing a lot of interesting insights. I manage a team of four individuals and your inputs today will help me improve my tracking sheet and the productivity of the team."

Jyoti Kalbhor

"I’m a beginner at Excel. This session was extremely helpful. I leant a lot of different ways in which Excel can be used. Thanks a lot."

Mrinalini Pandey

"Thank you so much for this really eye-opening session. Its my first time here and I am glad to have made the time."

Barnali Oinam

"This seems to be a solution to all my problems but seems to be a pretty big deal to be there where we can track just all of it."


"Inspiring, as always, Dr. Venkat. I was wondering why you wrote parts of your book on copyediting on Excel. Now I understand."

Arun Srinivasan

"Thank you for the very informative session, Dr Venkat."

Nirja Sharma
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