How to Edit Without Making Mistakes 
and Still Learn in the Process 


A judicious way of learning the art over time

Here's the replay of an Art of Copyediting webinar titled How to Edit Without Making Mistakes and Still Learn in the Process held on August 30, 2020, as part of the ICF (Indian Copyeditors Forum) webinar series. For your convenience, the webinar recording has been broken down into smaller parts.

There is a document download associated with this webinar. Once you download the document, please zoom it as appropriate for your viewing and reading.

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Understanding copyediting and the need for training

Common problem areas and frames of reference

Download document before continuing to watch the videos
How to edit without making mistakes

Daily editing scenarios and a strategy for editing without making mistakes

Possible results of following the strategy (over time)


Growth: balancing learning and daily output requirements

Questions and Answers


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