Understanding Reference Styling
in Terms of Reference Components

Learn about things you may never read in a style manual

Here's the replay of an Art of Copyediting webinar titled Understanding Reference Styling in Terms of Reference Components held on 29 November 2020. For your convenience, the webinar recording has been broken down into smaller parts.

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Introductory words about the presentation

What will be discussed in this presentation


The basis for all the maddening reference styles

This logic is never explained in any style manual


Why should reference styling be learned early in the profession?

When you learn to do something manually, you develop a certain understanding as a byproduct of that effort
When you indulge in automation straightaway, you miss the understanding that may be so vital for your future success


Why is reference styling so complex?

Did anyone ever tell you that reference styling involves almost every task you may do in copyediting?


Questions and answers


Participant responses

Some live comments received at the end of the webinar

Neeraj SK

Thanks a lot for presenting such in-depth information in a simplified manner. The examples really helped me understand the concepts.

Anna Bharati Paul

Wonderful presentation. A good refresher course for me! Thank you, sir. And thank you, Vivek, for making this possible.

Ruchika Yogesh

Another wonderful collation of information, and a great presentation. Thanks, Dr Venkat and Vivek, for the session.

Madhavan PK

Brilliant presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks, Venkat. Thanks, everyone. 

Palak Asnani

Very well presented and explained. Thank you, Sir! Thank you, Vivek.

Vineetha Punit

Thanks to Venkat for such an enlightening session, as always.

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