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Here's the replay of an Art of Copyediting webinar titled Understanding Reference Styling in Terms of Reference Components held on November 29, 2020.

Hope you enjoy this!

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Understanding Reference Styling in Terms of Reference Components

Learn about things you may never read in a style manual


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Participant responses

Some live comments received at the end of the webinar

"Thanks a lot for presenting such in-depth information in a simplified manner. The examples really helped me understand the concepts."

Neeraj SK

"Very well presented and explained. Thank you, Sir! Thank you, Vivek."

Palak Asnani

"Attended a session after quite a while. And simply loved it. Have been off editing for some time now and such sessions help not just brush up on the basics but also stay abreast with the latest rules/developments/inclusions/exclusions. . . Thanks to Venkat for such an enlightening session, as always."

Vineetha Punit

"Another wonderful collation of information, and a great presentation. Thanks, Dr Venkat and Vivek, for the session."

Ruchika Yogesh

"Wonderful presentation. A good refresher course for me! Thank you, sir. And thank you, Vivek, for making this possible."

Anna Bharati Paul

"Brilliant presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks, Venkat. Thanks, everyone. "

Madhavan PK

"I'm taking baby steps in this area. Was delighted when it was announced. And Dr. Venkat did full justice to it!"

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