Appreciations received

You have singlehandedly put together what amounts to an entire university department!

Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, ELS
Consulting medical editor


I can see that you have put enormous time and thought into the training, and everything that you covered in the sample content you shared with me mirrors exactly the type of training we have been doing for editors internally for the past few years. I can see immense value for individuals trying to learn the fundamentals of the trade and for corporates that don't have the capacity to train copyeditors quickly enough after they join.

Jason Pearce, 2 April 2019
Previously Head of Prepress & Systems, Oxford University Press, London
Now President, Strategic Technology, Newgen KnowledgeWorks, Chennai, India



Dr. Venkat, your site is the first place I've found that seems to honor the actual work it takes for truly great editing. Thank you! Reading through your explanations and documents is more edifying than I could hope.

Gina A, 17 June 2019
Freelance writer–editor
Littleton, CO, United States


Thank you for being a remarkable teacher and I am very grateful to have you as a teacher. I did not undergo an extensive language training until I joined your course “Essentials of Written English.” Your explanations were clear and they were easy to understand. Thank you for introducing me to the “questioning method.” I have used this method and got answers while editing. This course has introduced me to many things that I should consider while editing. I have learned so much from you through this course and I look forward to learning more.

Devi Gopalakrishnan, 3 June 2020
Chennai, India

I must admit that these sessions have been truly beneficial to me as a copyeditor. I haven’t had any formal training in editing prior to this, and so I can say that this has opened a whole new world of learning for me. I would love to be a part of online sessions conducted by you in future as well. I felt that you are not just an excellent editor, but a wonderful teacher as well, because many a times we might be very knowledgeable, but to transfer that knowledge to someone with accuracy is also not easy. It requires much insight. Being a teacher, I can very well understand this. Frankly speaking, I had little clarity on the use of the colon, semicolon, and dash prior to this class, but it is quite clear now. And the methodology used to edit a sentence was also not known to me. I was unaware of the fact that there is so much technique behind it. However, my belief that editing is all about logic got reiterated. And many such notions got reassured. The moment I see a colon or a semicolon in a sentence, I can very easily connect and apply what I learned from you. There were so many minute things you brought our attention to during the entire course.

In fact, I would like to share with you that after taking the course, whenever I read any book, I am now able to see it in a new light and understand it much better than I used to earlier. Thank you!

Look forward to learning more from you!

Palak Asnani
Ghaziabad, India

I attended Dr Venkat’s Basic Course on Writing/Editing (June 2017–January 2018). I have to say the experience was illuminating and humbling: the former because it brought to light errors that are common but usually unrecognized, and the latter because it made me realize that though I am a native English speaker, there were flaws in my grammar. Fortunately, Dr Venkat helped to iron these out.

Dr Venkat’s delivery in interesting and his passion for the language comes through in each session. He answers questions with precision, clarity and patience. I highly recommend this course as a refresher for all those who have been away from the formal study of English for some time, including those who, like myself, consider themselves pros at the language!

Neena Thomas
Haryana, India


The basic language training classes happened at a very opportune moment for me when I was searching eagerly for training in copyediting. A big thanks for making it an online training program, having it on Sundays, and making it affordable.

Lack of formal training had been bothering me in my work as a copyeditor, and the classes have given me the much-needed confidence boost. The classes were so well organized into points and each one discussed in detail; using many examples to elucidate each point made it much easier to comprehend the differences between different scenarios; and connecting a rule to other relevant rules was very effective in helping to grasp certain concepts much better than before.

I enjoyed each session as sentence structure became clearer. Although I should not play favorites, I loved the session on introductory phrases; the ones on the colon, semicolon, and dashes come next. Of course, I would feel guilty if I do not mention the one on prepositions or the explanation about appositives. But then, each session had something new to be learned.

In all, a reorganization of the thought process has occurred and my outlook on the structure of a sentence has undergone a revision. Sometimes, there are “Eureka!” moments when, prompted by the “rules” learned from the training, I spot an error that might have slipped by in the past!

But I realize, as you have often pointed out, that we have all got just a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg and that there is so much more that needs to be learned. This prospect is at once exhilarating and daunting. I hope that just like on this occasion circumstances come together to make it possible for me to learn more sometime in the future.

I would also like to wish you once again the very best in this new venture, and I hope many more editors blossom under your tutelage.

Chennai, India


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