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The guided and continuous training program of The Art of Copyediting

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This Is an Unbeatable Combination!

Community membership

Private community of individuals
committed to learning and growing

Copyediting course

Access to any course in the AOC library
that you want to focus on and learn 

Sustained support

Multifaceted support to help you grow
personally and professionally

Basic details

  • Membership access to a private community of like-minded individuals keen on sustained learning and mentorship so that they can gradually establish themselves in the profession

  • Access to a writing/editing course of your choice (from within the available courses) to help you learn in accordance with your needs

  • Fortnightly clarification (via Zoom-meetings) of all doubts raised by community members

  • Access to replays of fortnightly call recordings

  • Dedicated phone app to access these when you are on the go

How does this work?

  • Learn at your own pace but still don't lag behind the community members
  • Post questions and get answers to your editorial problems (connected with the course or even with what you are currently editing)
  • Questions will be answered on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Learn the nuances of the profession as part of the community meetings
I want to become a member!

Sustained support

  • Your questions can relate to any of the following:
    • Course-related doubts, doubts connected with live work you may be doing to earn a living
    • Clarifications relating to any course you want to take
    • Clarifications relating to any part of the copyediting process
    • More files to practice anything you may want (in addition to those provided with a course)
  • Your questions can also relate to areas beyond the courses:
    • Help with Microsoft Excel
    • Help with finding your mission in life
    • Help with managing your goals, your time, understanding time-management tools
    • Having me as a person to nudge you off and on to remain focused
  • Support can also be in the form of training or group mentoring when appropriate

Points to ponder

  • Think about these
    • Training, 24 × 7, available even on your mobile
    • Community, mentoring, accountability, and the life-help you need to succeed in your life
  • How are things for you now? Are you getting the results you deserve?
  • Don't wait for years to learn on your own. You only have so much time. (I spent 25 years to reach here, after completing my PhD at the age of 32.)

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to become a member!