Why Choose The Art of Copyediting?

What you gain by taking The Art of Copyediting courses

Seems like you?

The Art of Copyediting courses can help in many ways if one or more of the following apply to you.

  • There seem to be so many specific rules in English that I find it impossible to remember them
  • To complicate things further, I often hear that there are more exceptions than rules in the English language
  • Also, why are there so many styles? Is there any logic behind these? How do I decide on a style if there's no specification?
  • How do I master so many styles? What do I do if each project prefers a different style?
  • My working knowledge is sketchy—a bunch of fairly clear but disconnected ideas picked up while writing a minireport, dissertation, by volunteering, reading different books and manuals in college
  • How do I connect all that I know—and those that I need to know—into a meaningful whole?
  • How do I become so proficient in work that I get referred to well-paying, quality-conscious clients?

Technical benefits of taking
The Art of Copyediting courses

  • You will learn something solid in every course—no part of your time will ever be wasted
  • You will receive so much of information and explanation—something that may take many years to gather and grasp on your own
  • You will learn the best ways of handling each part of this complex art, helping you to achieve greater efficiency, the single most important factor in your earning
  • You will be able to download worksheets relevant to each course—style sheet templates, Word style templates, checklists that may be invaluable in your day-to-day editing
  • You can watch the courses any number of times within a specified period (3–6 months, depending on the course duration)

Practical advantages of taking The Art of Copyediting courses

  • Understanding of principles and preferences
  • With understanding comes knowledge
  • With knowledge comes quality editorial output
  • Quality editorial output provides proof of value
  • Proof of value can help you in receiving good job offers, steady work, and even win the confidence of higher-paying clients

100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • The courses will be packed with information—principles, preferences, practical ideas
  • The courses are based on documentation of practical problems experienced by copyeditors day-in and day-out over a 20-year period
  • Every point you learn in any of these courses will be useful in some project or the other
  • You will be able to work confidently on any journal, any book, any style

Credibility of the trainer

  • Over 23 years of editorial experience and has worked with every major academic publisher
  • A career spent almost entirely on learning and training
  • Is writing his magnum opus (Principles of Copyediting) based on his life-long learning experience (and the examples used in these courses are from his own collections spanning a quarter century)
  • Everything in these courses has been tested in the grim battle of live production for over 15 years

What should a learner do?

  • Start off by taking the course on Essentials of written English—and be prepared for some serious learning.
  • Follow up by taking other courses in sequence, keeping in mind the suggested timelines (available as a downloadable PDF).
  • Accept the reality of this profession—that it will take a couple of years to learn all the courses, practice the principles, and establish yourself as a dependable editor.
  • Be willing to put into practice, in your own day-to-day editing, whatever you learn; it can be a powerful aid to quick learning.
  • Question anything and everything you are taught, and interact with other course participants and the instructor.

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