The Art of Copyediting offers nine options for learning


Not many people have a clear sense of purpose in life, which, when present, goads them to learn something every day, every week, every month, every year.

But for most people, learning itself does not happen on its own. It happens only when you consciously take that decision to learn. It happens only when you act—when you take the right steps to learn. There are people who have told me that they want to learn but have not taken the steps to learn even after 3–4 years. And precious time is lost in the process.

The Art of Copyediting has evolved to the point of doing everything possible—logically, technologically, economically, temporally—to help young and experienced copyeditors learn:

  • With so many languages spoken in India, an offering of courses alone does not help in learning English professionally. That is why training and mentoring are offered together.
  • A package of 4 courses has been offered keeping in mind the basic principles of writing and grammar that are required to make one work as a copyeditor.
  • Individual and group learning have been offered keeping in mind the economic scenarios prevalent in India.
  • To encourage maximum learning, one-month training and mentoring programs are also offered.

For decades, we’ve also suffered from the mindset that only something outside of India will have value or an international standard. I can tell you that these courses in English offered by The Art of Copyediting will be on par with the best courses offered by any individual, organization, or university in the world. It also offers a unique way of teaching the English language—and something that has stood the test of time in 28 years of learning and teaching the art.

Now, some details about the 3-month and 1-month training and mentoring programs . . .



  • This includes a package of 4 courses that, when completed, will give you a solid foundation for a profession in the writing/editing fields, and will also give you at least a two-year edge over those who have not had such training and mentoring.
  • Such a base will help you demonstrate your superior skills confidently to any employer and thus help negotiate a better pay package.


Target audience
  • This is meant for people who want to learn something substantial in a short time, move over to better-paying jobs, and retain that economic edge for the rest of their lives.
  • For those in the prime of their life, this can also ensure that you have a working income beyond your normal retirement age in India.





Target audience
  • If you feel that this 3-month program is good but is still not affordable, you can then opt for a group-learning program, with groups sizes of 2 to 6 persons, where you can avail 10% to 33% discounts, depending on the size of your group.


  • To join the group-learning program, please fill in the Google form designed to find members for your team—people with requirements similar to yours:



  • These programs are for people who are not yet ready for steady learning—for people who want to learn things gradually, with some time gap between successive learnings.
  • The same 3-month program is therefore broken down into Basic, Intermediate, and Consolidation programs, each lasting one month.
  • The idea is that you can take each program independently. You can complete one program, practice your learning for some time, and then opt for the next program whenever you feel like taking it up.
  • These may be attractive to the younger generation (Generation Z), who seem to like learning in small doses and short time frames.


Target audience
  • Those taking the first steps in the profession and those who want to understand the fundamental principles of written English may take the Basic program.
  • Those clear with the fundamentals but want to confirm their understanding of concepts and those wanting to learn some tougher aspects of the language may take the Intermediate program.
  • Experienced copyeditors who have not had any formal training but are fairly confident of their foundations can opt for the Consolidation program.
    • Those enrolling for this program will learn some powerful approaches to understanding and editing written English as well as concepts of grammar that will strengthen their foundations—all of which will boost their confidence, because they will now be able to explain their edits to their juniors and supervisors.
  • You can join any of these programs by following this link:


  • If you think these gradual learning programs may be more suitable for you, then take that all-important decision to learn and immediately choose a program that would be appropriate for you.
  • If you can afford it, simple choose the Scan/UPI payment method.
  • If not, choose the credit card payment option and later convert the payment to EMIs that may be convenient for you.



Overall, The Art of Copyediting offers

  • 9 learning options (1 one-to-one mentoring option, 5 group-learning options, and 3 one-month learning options) and
  • 15 payment options (including the 5 options for group learning)—all to help you learn.

I would even add that such a variety of formal learning options (and at such affordable rates) may not be available anywhere else in the world! It is up to you to make use of these options and learn quickly.

But as mentioned earlier, learning does not happen on its own. You are responsible for your life—and your learning. When you interact with the world, the only thing that can save you is your learning. Therefore, learn. Learn quickly, as much as you can, before the next disruption happens.

All I am doing is offering a helping hand to guide and motivate those who are interested.



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